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323 POST owns and operates a full-service editorial suite with the latest hardware for speed and efficiency, along with full RAID protection.  We provide various NLE options, from Avid to Adobe, depending on your production's preference.  We have strong relationships with a variety of industry experts, allowing us to offer project scalability.




We firmly believe that sound is 50% of the viewing experience.  We offer a comprehensive library of sound effects that, combined with expert sound design, can enhance any project.  Whether it's a stage of your choice or an established vendor of ours, we work closely with mixing facilities to provide professional pre-dubs ready for your mix.




Getting the picture right, both technically and aesthetically, is important to us and is one of our main missions.   Every pixel matters.  We employ HD-scopes and reference-grade 10-bit monitors to ensure perfect technical delivery.




Motion graphics, table-top animation, and visual effects compositing can be powerful tools to plus-up any production.  Whether it's full-screen representations or simple lower-third overlays, we can help punch up your production.